You Should Be Safe At Home,
Including The Air You Breathe.

Pollutants, dust, allergens, mold, bacteria, and viruses are all common types of particles within your home. In many cases, you can’t see them. The EcoAir Series ionizers use science to clean the air of these particles and alleviate allergies, breathing difficulties, headaches, sinus infections and disrupts the pathogens' surface proteins, rendering them inactive.

Reduces Particles

EcoAir Series reduces airborne particles (i.e., dust, pet dander, pollen) through agglomeration. The ions attach to the airborne particles. The particles are subsequently attracted to one another, effectively increasing their mass and size. The air filtration system easily captures the larger particles, increasing the capture efficiency of your HVAC system.

Neutralizes Odors

During the cleaning process chemical, pet, cooking, and other odors are broken down into basic harmless compounds, leaving the indoor air fresh smelling and free of odor causing VOCs.

Kills Pathogens

EcoAir Series attacks and kills viruses, mold spores and bacteria. The ions steal away hydrogen from the pathogens, leaving them to die, and leaving you with clean and healthy indoor air.

Saves Energy

An environmentally friendly cleaning process allows you to reduce the amount of outdoor air required to operate. This equates to a safer, more comfortable environment that requires up to 30% less energy to condition.

Zero Ozone Emissions

Whether in its pure form or mixed with other chemicals, ozone can be harmful to health. When inhaled, ozone can damage the lungs. Relatively low amounts of ozone can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and, throat irritation. Our devices are UL 867 & UL 2998 validated for zero ozone emissions.

UL 867 uses basic measurements to validate the ozone free emissions in ionization devices, while the UL 2998 uses advanced measurements requiring companies to simultaneously record high output of ions and ozone emissions.

Bridgeway’s EcoAir devices passes both certifications for your health and safety.

Eco Air Series R


Residential & Small
Commercial Applications

Up to 2,400 CFM (6 ton)

1 Trillion ions/second

24V AC Voltage Input

EcoAir Series C


Medium & Large
Commercial Applications

Up to 6,000 CFM (15 ton)

1 Trillion ions/second

12V DC / 24V AC Voltage Input

No maintenance / Self Cleaning

Clean Air Solution
Performance Validation


A petri dish containing a pathogen is placed underneath a laboratory hood, then monitored to assess the pathogen’s reactivity to NPBI over time. This controlled environment allows for comparison across different types of pathogens. 
Here are some of the rates of reduction of common pathogens after an treatment of at least 30 minutes.

SARS-CoV-2 testing was jointly executed with Aviation Clean Air. In this laboratory study, Aviation Clean Air designed a test to mimic ionization conditions like that of a commercial aircraft’s fuselage.

Norovirus | 30 min. 
Human Coronavirus 229E | 60 min.
Legionella | 30 Min.
Clostridium Difficile | 30 Min.
SARS-CoV-2 | 30 Min.


Counts of airborne pathogens are taken before and after aerosolizing them into a sealed, unoccupied laboratory environmental room installed with NPBI technology. The larger space more closely resembles a real-world environment. Here are some of the rates of reduction of common pathogens after an treatment of at least 15 minutes.

Tuberculosis | 60 min. 
MRSA | 30 min.
Staphylococcus | 30 Min.
E.coli | 15 Min.


We and our partners use multiple data points to formulate performance validation statements. The technology is used in a wide range of applications across diverse environmental conditions. Since locations will vary, clients should evaluate their individual application and environmental conditions when making an assessment regarding the technology’s potential benefits.

The use of this technology is not intended to take the place of reasonable precautions to prevent the transmission of pathogens. It is important to comply with all applicable public health laws and guidelines issued by federal, state, and local governments and health authorities as well as official guidance published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (, including but not limited to social distancing, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and the use of face masks

Clean air goes beyond comfort and directly affects your health and safety. Our products clean the air and remove several types of allergens, dust, pollutants and pathogens. It starts working the minute it is turned on.

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